Release v0.66

My first deploy of this one briefly broke backward compatibility, but it should be fixed now. If you saw a message about an incompatible profile, it should load fine now, but let me know if it doesn’t.

New stuff:

  • Rewrote chunks of the system that does mortal actions.
  • Can now share message text between player and NPC actions without it mixing up the characters.
  • Can now make messages conditional on what the other character did in the turn, and also dependent on which body parts were involved in both the player and NPC actions.
  • Used this to do a couple of orgasm descriptions that are specific to penetration.
  • Broke character descriptions into paragraphs.
  • Wrote a couple more body part descriptions.


  • Otaku women now have boobs that match their descriptions
  • Text for mortals asking questions was hardly ever getting shown. This is seems to be a bug that’s been in the code for a really long time.

Known problems:

  • Saved games in the midst of an encounter might see some weird messages referring to body parts that only exist on their partner’s body, but that’ll sort itself out when you enter the next encounter.

One thought on “Release v0.66

  1. Shadow Knight says:

    Haven’t noticed most of the changes yet (I only noticed the paragraph breaks and the slight differences in orgasms with Porn Stars), but I’ll keep hunting for them.

    The idea of more reactive mortals is excellent and I am very glad we’re moving in that direction.

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