Release v0.74

New stuff:

  • New character: The Nymphomaniac (female) and The Twink (male). Appears at low levels of the game (i.e. “Astute”).
  • Added more description variations for female orgasms and female arousal.
  • Large breasts now enable the Titty Fuck action. This has a 50/50 chance of making your partner hard, irrespective of how much Lust meter there is to go.
  • Fixed a bug where using Tease will still result in a Fear overflow.

4 thoughts on “Release v0.74

  1. Mark says:

    Do you plan to allow Titty Fuck action with high Lust (as it’s currently not viable to orgazm NPC with this action)

    • jackoekaki says:

      Nope, I didn’t see much point because the action helps you skip over foreplay, and the effects stop at the next orgasm. I guess if you achieved orgasm with it, it could help with the next orgasm.

      I’ve been trying to give all the actions a unique role in gameplay so that you don’t end up with a menu full of things that are interchangeable, which is why it has this odd restriction. This is one of those instances where I’ve struggled to marry theme and mechanics.

      • ArgentRain says:

        Gotta be careful not to allow mechanics to override theme too much though – it’s totally nonsensical if you can’t titty-fuck someone to orgasm.

  2. Moon Dew says:

    Are you sure you won’t make this free to play before v1.0?

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