Release v0.73

New stuff:

  • New character, the Inept Sorcerer/Sorceress. They retaliate when the player uses Cast Illusion but tend to botch to the spell, resulting in randomised effects.
  • Spell casting mortals now display a mana bar, instead of using a hidden cooldown.
  • Regular Sorcerers now have multiple kinds of spells too.
  • Rewrote some of the regular Sorcerer’s lines to be more playful and less adversarial.
  • Fixed mergers so that they always favour body parts with higher stats.

3 thoughts on “Release v0.73

  1. noniem says:

    I was wondering, do you plan on adding the ability to let go of some of our minions? By the time you get close to the end of the current story you’re still stuck with concubines that can get 2 transformations when you could have ones that can get 8. The only real way to get rid of them is to merge, but then you’re stuck with a bunch of chimeras taking up your beast slots because you can only merge three times.

    • jackoekaki says:

      If you try to recruit too many mortals to fit in the lair, you’re offered a chance to swap one out for the newcomer. Does that do what you’re looking for?

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