Release v0.79

New in this release:

  • The cost of a trap is now determined by how many you already have installed, so you can pick the kind that interests you without being disadvantaged.
  • Extra variations on fisting for very loose orifices.
  • Titty fucking has been redesigned so that it gives a mana bonus if it results in an orgasm.
  • Fixes for missing paragraph breaks in body descriptions.
  • Typo fixes.

Also, if you’re suffering from “There was a problem loading your game” errors, could you let me know the circumstances? (when the game was originally started, what happened immediately before the error)  I’ve been seeing a handful of these crop up in the error logs, but I don’t have enough information to track the bug down.

One thought on “Release v0.79

  1. Brother says:

    Hi! Thanks a lot, for your great work, but maybe you have to do something more, than just a bugfix? I think more RPG elements, and more stuff(like- upgrades, conversations with minions and some pictures), makes your game better. I think you concentrate on details, instead of on the general sense. Anyway thanks? you do a great job!

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