Release v0.89

pentagram iconNew stuff:

  • Cast Loosen is now Loosening Lotion, a piece of equipment you can get in the sex toy catalogue.
  • It fits into a toolbelt slot, of which there are now two instead of one. If you buy loosening lotion for one slot, you’re basically back to the way things were, but there’s more freedom to mix and match. Enabling multiple slots of the same type required surprisingly widespread changes to the slot system, which is why this release took such a long time.
  • If you’ve already bought equipment or had a transformation, you can revert back to it without spending mana.

Balancing tweaks:

  • Slightly reduced mana prices on some mid game items.
  • Reduced mana cost of loosening.
  • Raised lust increase rate of vibrator.
  • Acupuncture needles now only give a 66% increase in sensation.

UI tweaks:

  • If the encounter meters are too wide for your display, they’re now automatically scrolled to a position where you can see the animations.
  • New icon by Lavah! (pictured)
  • If you start the game from a home screen icon on iOS, Safari’s UI is hidden to save screen real estate.
  • New character screen is way less ugly.
  • Improved legibility of status effects and meter numbers on mobile.

2 thoughts on “Release v0.89

  1. Garzhad says:

    Much as I liked using them the needles did need a tiny bit of a nerf, was oft hard to judge how much of the meter it would fill and more often then not i’d overshoot it and make em cum when I didnt want them too yet XD

  2. noneya says:

    just wanted to say thanx for all the hard work this is a really fun game to play at times

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