Release v0.90

New stuff:

  • Since I added the meter animations, I feel like they’ve been stealing attention from the text. I’ve been experimenting with ways to draw the player’s eye back to the writing. I settled on fading it in after the meter animations finish and enlarging it slightly.
  • Split fetishwear off from sex toys in the sanctum so that the menus are less cluttered.
  • Displaying *NEW* indicators on tomes and tabs when new transformations are unlocked.
  • Added a button for discarding tomes.
  • Made the highlight on tapped links persist until the next page loads so that players using Fleshcult from the iOS home screen get more feedback.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented saved games from loading.
  • Prevent people from pressing Transform button without a selected transformation.
  • Fixed changing names/reordering minions so that they redirect back to the right page.

That rounds out all my planned UI work and I’ll be going back to working on content for v0.91 – v0.95. Let me know if I’ve missed anything that’s particularly sloppy or cumbersome.

9 thoughts on “Release v0.90

  1. fndom says:

    great changes here

    i like the *new* indicator, it’s classy 😀

    about the eye-catching animation, i would try using another font for the text, i found this one hard to read

    till now all seems to work fine for me
    maybe this phrase is mispelled

    thanks for the effort

  2. mrtt says:

    why discard tomes?

    • jackoekaki says:

      It’s there in case the options unlocked by the tome gross you out. Some folks don’t like the anal actions that the anal tome adds to encounters, so that’s the most likely use.

      • mrtt says:

        In that case, how about an alternative to discarding where you just lock them away. Which would disable their functionality, but allow you to recover them if you decide you want to do so later on.

        For one thing this would be useful in preventing a randomly generated book reward from being the same book you already took and discarded

    • jackoekaki says:

      Hmm, is that likely to be a real problem? You get four options, so my assumption is that even if one of them is something you’ve already discarded, there’s going to be something you want in the remaining three.

      • mrtt says:

        Unless you discarded more than one book. and even if you still see something you like, you might be missing out on the ideal choice because the amount of choices you do like are reduced.
        it isn’t a big issue though.

        Still the completionist in me cringes at actually permanently discarding a book. All those sandbox collection games and achievement systems indicate that a lot of people are completionists.

        Anyways, I just didn’t think it was much work to hide a book’s options rather than delete it. (heck, I figured it involves an equal amount of coding to do either task)

  3. Vintrion says:

    Only .09 more updates until…!! .99.01 Episode 2

    A cheap joke. Kept wishing “Spider tits” was the correct anti-spam answer.

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