Release v0.93

New stuff:

  • 5 new random events. The previous batch made the game a bit easier, this batch will make it a bit harder:
    • A couple of new measures taken against you by the OWG in the mid to late game.
    • A couple of new troubles arising from within the lair during the mid to late game.
    • A favourable event that can occur at any point, if you meet the prerequisites.
  • I’ve also increased the rate that random events occur.
  • I’ve reshuffled the different mortal types to get a more even distribution through each stage of the game:
    • You can get non-generic mortals right at the start of the game.
    • The Squirter now appears a higher difficulty, because she’s tricky.
    • Incompetent Sorcerers now live in Old Town.
    • The Goth is now a concubine type.
    • This leaves a gap in Old Town where there aren’t enough beasts, which I’ll fix with in the next two versions with new characters.

5 thoughts on “Release v0.93

  1. venomgoz says:

    Can i ask u when are going to mae the game free ?? coz ur awsomness is remarkable but i cant afford to pay u :< and am like w8ing for 8months or so when i heard u were going to make it free on october/november of this year. Are u ever going to make it free? or at least put paysafe card option available 😛

    • jackoekaki says:

      I hope to make it free before I take a break for Christmas (around the 20th). In that time I want to add: 3 random events, 3 characters and ads. Sorry about always missing my deadlines, I need to be more realistic about my productivity. 😛

      • Hoborg says:

        Looking forward to it then… I COULD donate, but Paypal won’t let me do so without creating an account, and fuck paypal. Want an amazon gift card instead? :/

      • jackoekaki says:

        I’d be into that if I could spend it on AWS, but it seems not, so no.

      • The_Ripped says:

        Hey, you already said “when you hit version 1.0,” and you are moving right along to reach that goal. Do what you have to – we appreciate your hard work, and will abide in hope for eventual joy.

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