Release v0.94

New in this release:

  • More writing from Porp:
    • Added 2 characters, the nurse (downtown) and the punk (suburbs).
    • More descriptions of fisting and anal.
  • 2 new random events that you might see if you manage to displease Narcissus Apotheotic.
  • Fixed gender errors in size queen, receive anal and degredation slut text.
  • Fixed bug in which minions would vanish if a minion cult raised their Attitude past ‘Indecisive’.

3 thoughts on “Release v0.94

  1. Moon Dew says:

    How much longer until the full release?

  2. Firebane says:

    There’s an old GURPS book with the term Hermaphromorphs for people who could alter their gender across the whole spectrum. Sounds a bit more magical to me.

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