Release v0.96

What’s New:

  • The 30 turn limit for free players has been removed.
  • Ads.
  • Fix for a badly timed random event that could cause a location to start off empty.
  • Fixed some incorrect pronouns in titty fuck descriptions.

Please let me know if you’re a paying user and you see an ad while you’re logged in. That shouldn’t happen; they’re for free players only.

Known issues:

  • I intend for the ads to reflect the sexuality preferences you choose at the beginning of the game, in order not to gross people out. It doesn’t work very well at the moment because one of the networks I’m using has very little that’s not aimed at straight males. And straight women don’t even get a category on this network!* I guess I’ll need to find some speciality ad networks to fill in the gaps.

* The first person in the comments to say “Women don’t watch porn,” will get crushed under the weight of a hundred thousand porn tumblrs and pieces of James Deen merchandise.

28 thoughts on “Release v0.96

  1. Bob says:

    Amazing work man, this game is dope.

  2. Shadow Knight says:

    I recommend Bad Dragon.

    • jackoekaki says:

      But they shut down their affiliate program didn’t they?

      (I can’t blame them. The overlap between their audience and Fenoxo’s would be so complete I’d imagine they’d be paying a cut without actually being introduced to new customers)

      If you know of any other sex toy suppliers that have a good program let me know. Particularly if they have a big weird catalogue and an API I can pull thumbnails from.

      • Shadow Knight says:

        I had no idea they weren’t reaching out anymore. Maybe contacting NSFW webcomic? Oglaf has ads for them at the bottom. You could shoot them a tweet.

      • jackoekaki says:

        Way ahead of ya. Oglaf use Project Wonderful, and they’re the jewel in the crown of that network’s NSFW section. I don’t think Project Wonderful would be a good fit for Fleshcult: it’s a daily auction for a slot, when I’d prefer to be paid per thousand views, and basically the only people bidding are broke web comic artists. That said, I have been thinking about using them for this blog rather than the game.

      • The_Ripped says:

        Have you visited Filthy Figments? Lady porn comic writers FTW. I have seen banners, so I assume they do advertising…

  3. Akadd says:

    Never have I been more tempted to type ‘Girls don’t watch porn’ than I am RIGHT NOW.

    Fortunately, I know better than to troll. Really. Honest.

    I do.

    :rolls willpower:

    • ArgentRain says:

      *weight of fifty thousand porn tumblrs*

      • The_Ripped says:

        Akadd’s death will be the envy of all thinking beings. Die well, Akadd! You may last but a few minutes, but orgasm as hard and as often as you can! with that much porn, there is no excuse for anything less.

  4. jordan says:

    im paying member just signed in after 4-5 days and i have ads just letting you know

    • jackoekaki says:

      If other people are seeing this too, it’d be really helpful if they could e-mail me (jack@fleshcult) with a screenshot. I don’t have a lead on what might cause this yet.

  5. Scott S says:

    A comment on the free ads:

    I think it was cool you put them all the way on the edge of the screen, but from an aesthetic sense, it bothers me!
    Would look a bit better if you inset them by 10 pixels or so 😛

  6. anonymouse says:

    I would go gay for James Deen.

  7. WonderGamer says:

    Just a thought, how about adding links to games that are classified as adult? There are plenty of adult advertisement affiliates out there with some very good games in them, even ones that classified themselves as 18+, but not entirely AO.

    The number of “18+ only” game ads I see on Facebook really is sickening, because I rarely see any that are actually as such (most of them are false advertising), so I would consider using that & start posting those games on this site as a result of those ads; maybe they’ll change their tune when their games start showing up on erotic sites.

    The company I’m a part of has a requirement of some adult ads because we’re hosted over the FriendFinder network (although the site itself doesn’t allow adult content; not exactly the best match), although we try to keep those ads at least somewhat mild given the majority of our users are children & the majority of them as gaming-related due to being a gaming site. I might be able to find out what ad service they’re using & get back to you.

    I can’t exactly say I agree with the method of using our gaming preferences in Fleshcult for the ads is the best method. I tend to like to switch things up:
    – I’m male, but sometimes like to play as female in the game.
    – My sexual preference is straight.
    – When I’m playing male, I prefer female-only partners in the game.
    – When I’m playing female, I don’t really have a preference on what partners I have.
    – I like to randomize my options when I play games, so a good amount of the time the options I using in the game are not even what my sexual preferences are.

    If you are going to take the options route to in regards to ads, I suggestion create a secondary preferences option directed at ads rather than using the game settings.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’d be happy to advertise 18+ games. If you have a lead you could e-mail me it’d be awesome.

      I’m not operating under the assumption that I’d be able to tell whether a straight succubus or incubus represents a straight man or a woman. I think I’d need an option, it’s just that it’s a moot point at the moment until I have better ad networks.

      (The whole reason the game’s written in 3rd person even though it’d be more conventional for a game to use 2nd person, is that I wanted players to be able to identify with either the protagonist or the mortal in a scene as a submissive or a sort of disembodied viewer. Not sure how successful I’ve been, it doesn’t seem to outweigh the fact you’re in the driver’s seat for the protagonist)

  8. jake says:

    Hi i like your game it great!

    and one question, will we be able to build more rooms in the lair? i build up to a point it tells me There’s nothing left to build.

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’d like to add more different kinds of buildings someday, but I don’t plan to add any more minion accommodation. 16 is already enough that they start to seem like depersonalised units.

      • Shadow Knight says:

        You could make a chain of +research buildings, each providing a +1 or +2 to your base research points.


        Study –> Library –> Arcane Vault –> Ley Line Nexus.

      • carlos says:

        Can you possible also include their old “occupation” (Goth, Nun, Nurse, …) in the description? Would make it nicer to flip through the Lab 🙂

  9. The_Ripped says:

    So close to version 1.0. I’m getting antsy…! This is looking very impressive, thank you for your hard work!

  10. ash says:

    women do not watch porn ^_-

  11. Reviin says:

    Hells bells I never thought I would ever even think about saying “woken don’t watch porn” But now I am really tempted.

  12. mrtt says:

    Women don’t watch porn… they watch erotica.
    Just like men use “cologne” instead of “perfume”
    And skirts for men are called “kilts”
    Dresses for men are called “robes”

  13. Lynx says:

    It’s been a while since the last update… Is there an estimated date on when the next one might be expected…?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Funny you ask, I’m trying to get it out today. Nothing particularly exciting though, just ad changes and bugfixes mostly.

      • Lynx says:

        Ah, well alright, good to see it’s being worked on at all. But how about new content? Is it a long way off?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Sorry, but I have no idea when new content will happen. I’m looking at starting a new project, but haven’t committed to what that’ll be yet, so I don’t know how long it’ll take.

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