Release v0.95

This release brings a new event and a new character, for a total of 18 characters and 20 random events.

  • Added a new character to Old Town: the bodybuilder.
  • In previous releases you could discard a tome if it offered options that grossed you out. I’ve replaced this with the ability to Hide a tome instead. It’s reversible and also it allows completionists to collect all the tomes even if they find some distasteful.
  • There’s a new event that tips off players that they have collected all the tomes.
  • Fixed a rare bug that was causing errors going into a new turn.
  • Fixed a bunch of problems that were messing up the difficulty curve: (Thanks to Wyrd for tipping me off)
    • The exhausted minion event was getting wedged and re-triggering over and over in certain circumstances.
    • Losing the initial invasion caused it to re-trigger without a delay.
    • Put a limit on the number of concubines that can be kidnapped in an invasion. Penalising players that are doing badly tends to cause a feedback loop.
  • Minion merges now take longer. Blowing through them once per turn just feels really anticlimactic.
  • Renamed the Tome of Hermaphrodites to the Tome of Genital Swapping so that it’s slightly more accurate. Not entirely happy with the new name – it’s not very magical-sounding. Open to suggestions.

The next release will introduce ads, but on the other hand, unlimited turns for everybody! It’ll be v0.96, v1.0 will have to wait until the new year.

20 thoughts on “Release v0.95

  1. fndom says:

    wow so many updates added recently, awesome

    i’m eager to try the next release

  2. ACO says:

    A mystical but absolutely correct term would be “pandaka” but that unfortunately isn’t very descriptive for most. Intersex or Tome of the Third Gender could work too.

    • Sunny says:

      I really like your suggestion of “Tome of the Third Gender”, it rolls of the tongue really well and it’s quite clear what it’s for.

      • Cupworth says:

        I think “Tome of Three Genders” flows better, but still carries much the same meaning. “Tome of Genital Swapping” sounds a bit clinical or bland too. IMO “Tome of Hermaphrodites” sounds better, even if it’s not really that accurate.

        Tome of Three Genders
        Tome of Gender Merging (morphing?)
        Book of Transgenderism

  3. Ivan says:

    Tome of Transmogrification, perhaps? It seems appropriate, given what the book does. 🙂

  4. 007Bistromath says:

    In order of which I like best, I’d suggest The Tome of…


  5. ArgentRain says:

    Yeah, since for whatever fucking reason you can’t become a full herm with balls AND a pussy, “tome of hermaphrodites” was over-promising and under-delivering.

    I don’t know of a term that specifically relates to balls-less herms to the exclusion of herms-with-balls, though.

    Even if you put “tome of inferior hermaphrodism” in the game that would just make people expect a proper powerup to the tome later so that it’s no longer inferior, and that too would therefore be a different example of the same problem.

  6. jononamous says:

    Tome of Gender Bending? Tome of Sexual Ambiguity?

  7. Tinith says:

    Feeding off one of the earlier suggestions:
    Tome of Genitalia Inversion

    Or.. In an attempt to be more original how about the Tome of Chromosomal Inversion.

  8. Isaac says:

    Tome of Transgenderism?

  9. Crusthide says:

    Tome of Genital Morphing?

  10. edi says:

    Not sure if this is an issue with specific browser or the game, but when I tried to leave a new recruit to the surface, I got stuck at browser trying to load the next page indefinitely. I was using Internet Explorer when that happened, then switched to Chrome and it worked without a hitch.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Which version of IE?

      I’ve been noticing some weird stuff going on today with my hosting. Connections to the database have been timing out intermittently, so that might explain random hangs.

      • edi says:

        I was using IE 11 when I came across the issue. It happened a couple days back already, was just waiting to see if it was something that would go away on it’s own. Doesn’t seem to be a temporary issue either because leaving new recruits on the surface results in the same problem when I tried it again.

  11. TiberousBSD says:

    How about the Tomb of Gender Fluidity?

  12. IC says:

    What about The Tome of Transexuality? Or the Grimoire of Sexual Inversion?

  13. K says:

    If you buy mutations from a tome and then hide it and don’t replace those mutations, do you retain the stat bonuses from the cosmetically hidden mutations?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Hiding a tome just hides the options, it doesn’t affect stats or the character descriptions (though the latter sounds like a good idea).

  14. ShanZi says:

    I suggest Tome of Genital Permutations/Transfiguration.
    [Transfiguratus or Permutando from latin]

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