Release v0.97

I’ve been splitting my time between trying to get ads to the point where they pay for the server, and messing around prototyping new game ideas. If one of the R-rated ideas looks promising, I’ll be sure to post it here, but no joy yet. Anyway, Fleshcult:

  • As an experiment, the unlimited characters / no ads upgrade is currently pay what you want, with a minimum of $2.
  • You can set whether you prefer to see ads with men or women. You can do this at the start of the game, or by going into the character options in the Sanctum screen.
  • You can now alter your character’s sexuality options part way through the game from the character options in the Sanctum screen.
  • Ad tweaks.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed minion mergers so that they always result in a multiplier boost.
  • Fixed bug where if you could make a certain plot related merge, it’d glitch out if you tried a different one.
  • Fixed Internal Server Error when getting the merchant’s loan repaid.
  • Fixed ads showing on the NSFW warning page, making it rather pointless!

4 thoughts on “Release v0.97

  1. Lynx says:

    …Is there a reason why the Tome of Infestation doesn’t have a single upgrade available in it…?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I intended to move the ovipositor in there along with a new transformation, and fill the gap in the tome of tentacles with a new kind of tentacle, but didn’t complete it.

  2. Der Maskierte Kommentator says:

    Looks like you can’t go back to bat wings after you change them.

    Is that intended?

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