Release v0.98

This one’s just a wee release with a couple of fixes and ad improvements. Meanwhile, the prototyping of new game ideas continues…

  • Filled in missing body part descriptions for tattoos and vaginal/anal training.
  • Players can now revert back to demon wings.
  • Ad tweaks.

38 thoughts on “Release v0.98

  1. Miasmus says:

    you should add the ability to merge with our minions/become conjoined with them

  2. Der Maskierte Kommentator says:

    Have you considered a dungeon/exploration mini-game in which you use the beasts?

    You send them there and give them orders depending on the random encounters they get in the dungeon/exploration, some could be combat encounters, some could be sexual ones, some could even be the occasional puzzle.

    They’ll have skills and stats depending on their transformations, and they could get up to 4 additional effectiveness slots (for a max of x10 effectiveness for those that already have x6) by successfully completing enough encounters, they could get a small XP counter for that.

    This dungeon/exploration could also have the pages of another tome of transformations, maybe one with different styles of hair (length, color, medusa snake hair, jellyfish tentacle hair, ghostly hair, feathered hair….), and maybe also lost pages for the existing tomes with all sorts of unusual things (dragon wings, vampiric fangs, 4-horn head, multiple penises, additional breast rows)

    To get them, the beat must survive until the end of a series of several encounters. Once all pages have been found, the reward becomes extra mana.

    You would also be able to purchase gear an consumables like aphrodisiacs and HP potions that the beast could use, to have more uses for all those mana drops.

  3. Brother says:

    I think you should add achievements that will better reflect the preferences of the main character (himself), and open access to new unique characters and / or transformation / actions.

  4. Rob says:

    i havent been playing this very long, and yet i have already managed to amass a good amount of tear drops so maybe having like a small demon casino where you could blow off some extra cash. im curious as if there could be more merging options, not just to the creatures traits, but also to deciding if you want to merge two apprentices to see if you can get a higher research rate. plus i also like the idea about the beasts doing dungeon crawls like Der had suggested.

  5. Dirtbag says:

    It’s great to see this game evolving since I first spotted it and it convinced me to register an account after all. Unfortunately I’m not receiving the confirmation email needed to complete the registration. I’m using Firefox with Adblock plus currently DISABLED here; it’s a Yahoo account which I think should be visible to you as admin. If not, please let me know. Thanks for the continuing effort!

    • jackoekaki says:

      The server got this error on the first send, so afterwards it stopped trying:
      554 delivery error: dd Sorry your message to cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102].

      I’ve reset things so that it should attempt to resend if you try it again.

  6. Tenebrys says:

    It’s been a long time since I first played this game and I like it more and more ! You add really cool stuff every time I retry it ^^
    Thank you ! Keep on the good work!
    Best Regards,

  7. Sli says:

    Any news?

    • jackoekaki says:

      Nothing exciting. Last week I fixed a rare race condition in the database which was trashing saved games. On the payment system side of things, I’ve talked to a couple more merchant account providers but haven’t made any progress. Other than that I’ve been working on G-rated games.

  8. MercyLost says:

    I use you as the primary example of a a successful & independent erotic RPG. You’ve developed a solid game that actually accounts for the user’s sexuality instead of forcing one or all orientations on your users. That your doing so with the ads is, again, freaking amazing. Hell, well funded professional porn sites don’t even do this. So, yeah, you beat them there.

    And, to top it off, you didn’t abandon this project! Corruption of Champions originally led me here and, despite its quality, its becoming an abandoned project that is a spinoff of another abandoned project. You, however, have given us a game that is complete. Yes, you’re still working on it, but the story finishes.

    So, you’ve created a minimalist game that uses a brilliant and unique mechanics under the constraints of a miniscule budget. Would it be cool if I liken you to a sex-crazed, demonic Portal? A low budget, beautiful, compressed game that blow my ***cough*** mind.

    • MercyLost says:

      Also, would it be too much work to make it so I could turn ads on when using my computer? If not it’s ok. I just know you receive ad revenue and I want to invest in your future projects. (Un)fortunately, I’m a college student and funding is scarce.

      Also, God be damned! I picked the right game to invest my faith and money in!

      • jackoekaki says:

        If you’re asking if you can re-enable ads as a paying customer, then no. I wouldn’t worry about it, one person’s ad revenue is minuscule compared to actually having paid money.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Thanks, but seeing as Fleshcult development is on hiatus, I wouldn’t really hold it up as an example of a project that isn’t abandoned.

      • MercyLost says:

        “Thanks, but seeing as Fleshcult development is on hiatus, I wouldn’t really hold it up as an example of a project that isn’t abandoned.”

        Fair, but I’m still loving the fact that, even if you abandon or move on, you’ve still come to a point where there’s some feeling of completion

    • Garzhad says:

      What have you been smoking? CoC isn’t ‘abandoned’. It’s just not being updated quite as often as people arn’t donating for content and the author is focusing more on the project fans paid him to work on.

      For all intents and purposes, CoC is about as finished as Fleshcult is. Only the final dungeon and epilogue hasn’t been finished, really.

      • Kaine_Wintersmane says:

        Garzhad is right CoC is on the second burner for now while Fen gets the end written and everything coded, but he really doesnt want to end itat all, TiTS is forcing him to do so. He’s already said above all he would love to see CoC keep expanding and never come to an “end,” he just doesn’t have the ammount of time needed to run two games simultaneously, with his schedule and life happenings. So one of course comes out over the other, which means working when he can on ending CoC.

  9. The_Ripped says:

    How goes the Search for More Money?

  10. Azazazazaza says:


    Bro, where is any update?

    • The_Ripped says:

      Last we heard, it is held hostage, and he searches for a way to pay the ransom without getting his accounts shut down for porn-like activity.

  11. The_Ripped says:

    Hey, actually, Do you think a Patreon account would work? Haven’t dove into the TOS for it, but I have seen a fair number of porn based/oriented things offered on the site, so, maybe?

    • jackoekaki says:

      They tolerate adult content for now, but I wonder how strong their commitment to it is if their payment partners start giving them trouble. They use Stripe and Payp*l; neither are completely OK with adult content.

      Their TOS draws a distinction between the content on Patreon and links to the actual project. I don’t know how successful that will be as a fig leaf, because contributors are paying for the project, not the project listing.

      I’m keeping an eye on it for when I finish my current G-rated project.

      • Garzhad says:

        Patreon allows it but you have to jump through hoops. You can’t use paypal, patrons must use credit cards, your page must be hidden to the public and unsearchable therefore the only way for people to get to it is to directly link to it from somewhere else.

        Considering Trials in Tainted Space, Breeding Season and Roundscape: Adorevia are on Patreon I highly doubt you will have any problems considering every single one of those games has content far more explicit then yours.

  12. Brother says:

    HI! I just think about your payment system, and i just wounder why you don`t use a normal bank (credit card base) system because if web system dosen`t worc corretly(as you like), you just can use the number of your bank account for payment? (you can meke new bank account just for this) Maybe I misuderstood something but why not? With pleasure! (sorry for my bad english)

  13. Garzhad says:

    Is it just me or are the meters not updating instantly like they used too?
    It seems like it’s delayed a turn, you no longer see the effects of your actions immediately, only after you’ve taken your next turn, for instance I did two reveal nature’s back to back and he ran away, even though according to the bar there was like 6 points to go.

    • Garzhad says:

      Hmm, nvm, it seems like maybe one of my addons is screwing it up, works on ie, will have to muck with stuff.

  14. Fermaguel says:

    Just saying, hope to see more development on this possibly some day, its plenty fun as is, but always sad to see a game finished (either by circumstance or actual completion).

  15. The_Ripped says:

    Another thought may be Dwolla. I’ve skimmed their ToS and they don’t seem to care about porn. THe required bank account stuff is a little skeevey, but what the hey, it’s a thing.

  16. Nihtgenga says:

    Hey, just wondering, is this game still being worked on? I’m really looking forward to the completed game, but it’s been months since v0.98 was released. What sort of release date are we looking at?

    • jackoekaki says:

      I’m not working on it at the moment and will be be deep in amongst other things for the rest of the year. If it’s any consolation the only things I had planned for .99 and 1.0 were server performance improvements, ad tweaks and bug fixes.

      • art says:

        Are you working on some other erotic games? Give us a link! :))

      • Neven says:

        Maybe open up the development to the community? You needn’t go so drastic as to openly release onto github (although that would be ace), but maybe you could look at a licensing system for the source code with rights that work for you. Perhaps you could make the codebase available for a one-off purchase of ~$150 or whatever you’d wish to sell for, it’s a far tastier revenue stream than relying on advertising/donations, especially if you intend to leave off development and pursue other projects.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Nah, it’s non-erotic. Sadly I can’t link it because I’m trying to keep my erotic and non-erotic stuff separate so that I don’t get typecast as the weird fetish guy when I’m trying to find other work.

  17. ArgentRain says:

    So I finally took the time to ACTUALLY finish the game today, and it’s pretty awesome.

    A shame we can’t get at the witchfinder general’s office and/or the military and categorically put an end to their resistance once and for all.

    But ah well.
    The victory scene was relatively amusing, but satisfying nonetheless.
    I may have to play purposefully badly and see what happens if Narcissus Apotheoic gets REALLY pissed at me, at some point.

    • The_Rippy_One says:

      Wait. There is an ending?! I more or less stopped because I didn’t see anything left to do…Oh my, time to dig in again!

      • ArgentRain says:

        The only thing that you need to know to get to the ending is: “Merge creatures lots”.

  18. Lovely says:

    Hey, i knew that the game is over (crap :((() but, you do another games? Can you please send the link?

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