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I have a publishing deal to make a G-rated game! I’ve alluded to this before in the forums, but now it’s all signed. I can’t say what it is, because I like to keep my fetish games persona separate from my G-rated persona. (It’s not that I’m ashamed or think Fleshcult would cost me work, it’s that sex games are so lurid and attention-grabbing that I worry that any media coverage I get for a non-sex game would typecast me as that sex games guy)

It’ll keep me busy throughout 2015 and 2016. If Fleshcult breaks I’ll make time to fix it, but I won’t have any time to make any additions to it. So lemmie apologise to anyone who expected that Fleshcult would be getting updates in the near future. Thanks to the folks who have used the Payp*l donation link in the game, it’s really helped cover hosting expenses.

11 thoughts on “What’s new with me

  1. Zac says:

    Hahahaha, I feel bad for those who donated for this projekt, i was about to donate my self in the earlier day when this was being updated, turns out the author just lost interest and/or ideas like any programer/writer faces, sad tho this had potential to surpass other text based fetish game.

  2. YJ says:

    Usual ending for a western-made adult game: dead before end. This is why people hold back on funding the projects on Patreon.

    • jackoekaki says:

      Is there something in particular that strikes you as incomplete? Other than my neglecting to set the version number to 1.0.

      • YJ says:

        Infestation tome? Aside from that it has content ofc, the only sad thing is that after one hour you end up with everything done (no more attack events, expenses, etc…). But in the end that hour was pretty entertaining. A question if i could:
        Are you going to add the infestation tome? i’m very curious about that one;
        If you feel like adding new content in future (i know that this isn’t easy job, as i am studying c++ and c# myself), i cuold recommend you something like pregnancy system (by implanting the egg with ovipostor is an example, or by some strange creature out of the Narcissuss’s realm when he/it isn’t cool with your doing), and some more events like kidnapping of concubines (who the player has to retrieve). You may even get more attention to this game with such updates and so more income: look what happened to CoC and TiTS!

      • jackoekaki says:

        Argh, to be honest I’d forgotten all about the infestation tome.

        Sorry guys, removing it from the list is all I’d have time to do now, which wouldn’t be a real improvement.

  3. slug says:

    In my opinion, Fleshcult has been a successful game. For what was funded via the crowdfunding, the content was definitely satisfactory. I don’t view the donation function as funding further development necessarily, but as a way to help keep the servers running. What Fleshcult needs is simply more variations. Players get the bulk of their enjoyment out of their imagination, so the minimal approach works fine. But there are plenty of other variations. Even a small content patch where more body type variations are added would help flesh (pun intended) the game out more. If you ever get the time again for a major content patch though, consider doing another round of funding for more content. Best of luck with your current project!

  4. Daniel says:

    I said it once, I’ll say it again. I’m extremely satisfied with this.

    I’ve never seen a good sex based game actually wrap up whatsoever. Too many stack content until the author losses interest or dies.

    So, yes! I beat my enemy! I won. Take my giant orgy merged flesh tank to the face loser!

    That. That feeling is why I enjoy games. It’s good to be able to beat them rather than just beat off.

    So, jackoekaki. Now, go make a G game(s), pay bills, master skills, and come make a sequel.
    I’d fund the hell out of Flesh Cult shorts.

    Much appreciated,

  5. thatonepersononline says:

    im very new fleshcult and i feel bad to see its development so slow. i really love this game and hope to see more on this later but if not i wouldn’t forget it but it would be very upsetting -__-. for whats in the game now its very far threw its production but i don’t now how much you had planed for it.(sorry for any spelling mistakes my keyboards fucked)

  6. thatonepersononline says:

    i cum again sorry. will you be coming back to fleshcult when your project is finished?

  7. ArgentRain says:

    Heh, apart from the lack of Infestation Tome stuff, I’m legitimately surprised to see anyone complaining.

    Game’s done, mang.

    … But yeah, when you have a chance, you can legitimately finish it off, then put dat 1.0 on there.

    Oh, right, and there was supposed to be some stuff with angels.

    I think that actually just got shitcanned, though.

  8. Duededee says:

    hope we will hear from you soon ^^

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