Release v0.98

This one’s just a wee release with a couple of fixes and ad improvements. Meanwhile, the prototyping of new game ideas continues…

  • Filled in missing body part descriptions for tattoos and vaginal/anal training.
  • Players can now revert back to demon wings.
  • Ad tweaks.

Release v0.97

I’ve been splitting my time between trying to get ads to the point where they pay for the server, and messing around prototyping new game ideas. If one of the R-rated ideas looks promising, I’ll be sure to post it here, but no joy yet. Anyway, Fleshcult:

  • As an experiment, the unlimited characters / no ads upgrade is currently pay what you want, with a minimum of $2.
  • You can set whether you prefer to see ads with men or women. You can do this at the start of the game, or by going into the character options in the Sanctum screen.
  • You can now alter your character’s sexuality options part way through the game from the character options in the Sanctum screen.
  • Ad tweaks.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed minion mergers so that they always result in a multiplier boost.
  • Fixed bug where if you could make a certain plot related merge, it’d glitch out if you tried a different one.
  • Fixed Internal Server Error when getting the merchant’s loan repaid.
  • Fixed ads showing on the NSFW warning page, making it rather pointless!

Release v0.96

What’s New:

  • The 30 turn limit for free players has been removed.
  • Ads.
  • Fix for a badly timed random event that could cause a location to start off empty.
  • Fixed some incorrect pronouns in titty fuck descriptions.

Please let me know if you’re a paying user and you see an ad while you’re logged in. That shouldn’t happen; they’re for free players only.

Known issues:

  • I intend for the ads to reflect the sexuality preferences you choose at the beginning of the game, in order not to gross people out. It doesn’t work very well at the moment because one of the networks I’m using has very little that’s not aimed at straight males. And straight women don’t even get a category on this network!* I guess I’ll need to find some speciality ad networks to fill in the gaps.

* The first person in the comments to say “Women don’t watch porn,” will get crushed under the weight of a hundred thousand porn tumblrs and pieces of James Deen merchandise.

Release v0.95

This release brings a new event and a new character, for a total of 18 characters and 20 random events.

  • Added a new character to Old Town: the bodybuilder.
  • In previous releases you could discard a tome if it offered options that grossed you out. I’ve replaced this with the ability to Hide a tome instead. It’s reversible and also it allows completionists to collect all the tomes even if they find some distasteful.
  • There’s a new event that tips off players that they have collected all the tomes.
  • Fixed a rare bug that was causing errors going into a new turn.
  • Fixed a bunch of problems that were messing up the difficulty curve: (Thanks to Wyrd for tipping me off)
    • The exhausted minion event was getting wedged and re-triggering over and over in certain circumstances.
    • Losing the initial invasion caused it to re-trigger without a delay.
    • Put a limit on the number of concubines that can be kidnapped in an invasion. Penalising players that are doing badly tends to cause a feedback loop.
  • Minion merges now take longer. Blowing through them once per turn just feels really anticlimactic.
  • Renamed the Tome of Hermaphrodites to the Tome of Genital Swapping so that it’s slightly more accurate. Not entirely happy with the new name – it’s not very magical-sounding. Open to suggestions.

The next release will introduce ads, but on the other hand, unlimited turns for everybody! It’ll be v0.96, v1.0 will have to wait until the new year.

Release v0.94

New in this release:

  • More writing from Porp:
    • Added 2 characters, the nurse (downtown) and the punk (suburbs).
    • More descriptions of fisting and anal.
  • 2 new random events that you might see if you manage to displease Narcissus Apotheotic.
  • Fixed gender errors in size queen, receive anal and degredation slut text.
  • Fixed bug in which minions would vanish if a minion cult raised their Attitude past ‘Indecisive’.

Release v0.93

New stuff:

  • 5 new random events. The previous batch made the game a bit easier, this batch will make it a bit harder:
    • A couple of new measures taken against you by the OWG in the mid to late game.
    • A couple of new troubles arising from within the lair during the mid to late game.
    • A favourable event that can occur at any point, if you meet the prerequisites.
  • I’ve also increased the rate that random events occur.
  • I’ve reshuffled the different mortal types to get a more even distribution through each stage of the game:
    • You can get non-generic mortals right at the start of the game.
    • The Squirter now appears a higher difficulty, because she’s tricky.
    • Incompetent Sorcerers now live in Old Town.
    • The Goth is now a concubine type.
    • This leaves a gap in Old Town where there aren’t enough beasts, which I’ll fix with in the next two versions with new characters.

Release v0.92

New stuff:

  • New character in Old Town: Size Queen.
  • 3 new random events: one common, two in the early/mid game.
  • Fixed bug where loosening lotion effects were permanent, rather than limited to the encounter.
  • Fixed bug where you could buy buildings without enough mana.
  • Fix for sanctum/lab item selections not highlighting in IE8.
  • Fixed inability to select items from the tome of hermaphrodites.
  • Minor server-side optimisations.


Release v0.91

New in this release:

  • 5 new random events. Two are semi-common, two are shown once, and one’s a secret for particularly horrible people. You’re not likely to see any of the new ones if you’re already in the end-game.
  • Fixed an error that occurs when you fire a minion that you’re upgrading.
  • Fixed an error that occurs if you reorder minions twice in a row.

For the next release I’ve got more random events planned and hopefully a new character.

Release v0.90

New stuff:

  • Since I added the meter animations, I feel like they’ve been stealing attention from the text. I’ve been experimenting with ways to draw the player’s eye back to the writing. I settled on fading it in after the meter animations finish and enlarging it slightly.
  • Split fetishwear off from sex toys in the sanctum so that the menus are less cluttered.
  • Displaying *NEW* indicators on tomes and tabs when new transformations are unlocked.
  • Added a button for discarding tomes.
  • Made the highlight on tapped links persist until the next page loads so that players using Fleshcult from the iOS home screen get more feedback.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented saved games from loading.
  • Prevent people from pressing Transform button without a selected transformation.
  • Fixed changing names/reordering minions so that they redirect back to the right page.

That rounds out all my planned UI work and I’ll be going back to working on content for v0.91 – v0.95. Let me know if I’ve missed anything that’s particularly sloppy or cumbersome.

Release v0.89

pentagram iconNew stuff:

  • Cast Loosen is now Loosening Lotion, a piece of equipment you can get in the sex toy catalogue.
  • It fits into a toolbelt slot, of which there are now two instead of one. If you buy loosening lotion for one slot, you’re basically back to the way things were, but there’s more freedom to mix and match. Enabling multiple slots of the same type required surprisingly widespread changes to the slot system, which is why this release took such a long time.
  • If you’ve already bought equipment or had a transformation, you can revert back to it without spending mana.

Balancing tweaks:

  • Slightly reduced mana prices on some mid game items.
  • Reduced mana cost of loosening.
  • Raised lust increase rate of vibrator.
  • Acupuncture needles now only give a 66% increase in sensation.

UI tweaks:

  • If the encounter meters are too wide for your display, they’re now automatically scrolled to a position where you can see the animations.
  • New icon by Lavah! (pictured)
  • If you start the game from a home screen icon on iOS, Safari’s UI is hidden to save screen real estate.
  • New character screen is way less ugly.
  • Improved legibility of status effects and meter numbers on mobile.